What are aligners?

Aligners are transparent dental splints used to correct malpositioned teeth and bites. They do not cause allergies and do not damage the oral mucosa.

Aligners are comfortable to wear, they can always be removed before eating and put back in again afterwards. At that moment the aligner is stored in a box. Thanks to the aligners, your fellow people will not notice that you are undergoing orthodontic treatment.


Advantages of the Aligner Treatment


Completely invisible on your teeth


No damage to the oral mucosa


Does not damage the enamel


Has a high wearing comfort


Has a high wearing comfort


Does not affect your travel and meetings


There are no restrictions in your lifestyle, enjoy your sports activities as usual

Why are aligners better than braces?

IssueAlignersBracesLingual braces
Visible to others?Invisible even from 30 cm distanceVisibleInvisible
Is dental treatment possible during the treatment?Possibleimpossible with brackets on the teethImpossible with brackets on the teeth
Is enamel damaged?NoPossible enamel damagePossible enamel damage
Does it work for athletes?Yes, even for boxersLimited activitiesLimited activities
Inspection visit1-2 monthsEvery 2-3 weeksEvery 2-3 weeks

Why is it better to have orthodontic treatment in the dental practice and not at home?

Some companies will send you "moulding kits" to your home so there's no need to visit a dentist. Here are the advantages why it is better to have the scan or digital impression done in our practice.

Issue / FeaturePalms Dental AlignersDIY Aligners
Restriction of treatmentFull orthodontic treatment and bite correctionOnly aesthetic improvements
Control and responsibility of the dentistFull control and responsibility over the treatmentNo control or responsibility
Produced in our own laboratoryYesNo
FinancingAvailable over 12 monthsvaried

How it works


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